A New Week

I had needed a small break. I thought this week was the week for said break, but no, not quite happening. At first, admittedly, I took the negative route with this. After talking with friends, I realized that no, I should really possess an attitude of gratitude that I have these opportunities to get out and about.

I’m supposed to be on a new diet. Okay, a new old diet of sorts. Somewhere along the way, I gave up on the gastric bypass diet I was supposed to be following. I just didn’t care. Long ago a nurse I once respected told me that I had failed and there was no help for me and I just adopted that attitude. I realize now that was entirely wrong and the only person who paid was me. Sad but true.

This diet is crazy. I am so used to eating sporadically and on the fly that actually planning and doing 6 small meals a day is so different. I believe I can do it though, I really want and need to succeed. One, I’ve realized that I feel like I am pigging out. I sorta am, but it’s on healthier foods that actually nourish as opposed to deplete. Two, I miss regular stuff as opposed to low-fat stuff. But this is all for me, to make me healthier. Now if I can just resolve to stick to it, and remember that it’s okay to stumble now and again and not beat myself up about it all.

Okay, gotta run. Wish me luck to stay on track for my friend Corei’s birthday party today.

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