And We Begin Again

It started with an idea from one of my childhood friends. He had posted on Facebook that if one journaled daily, it would greatly improve ones mood. I need a mood lifter. I’ve spent so much time under the weather and my mood has been impacted negatively. I need to move past this somehow.

Yesterday I decided to attend a party thrown by one of my friends. My principal from high school rode up in the elevator with me, and she asked me if I was still writing. I told her no, and she told me that I’m a good writer, that I should get back doing that. I never thought myself as a good writer. Half the time I’m not even sure I took myself seriously in what I wrote, what I put out there, what I said.

It was as if my principal had shown up in just the right time and place to remind me of something I loved so long ago and seemed to just have discarded as time went by. It’s time to start all over and to seriously try all over. I may not be perfect with it and yes, that’s completely okay.

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