The Bucket List

Late last year, I decided I was going to start a bucket list. Not just any random bucket list, but a list of friends I’d like to see and events I’d like to attend just because. The idea was that I would be spending time with friends I hadn’t necessarily gotten to for some time, perhaps because of my political, family or personal commitments.

Every time I get an opportunity to make good on this bucket list, I kick myself in the ass and wonder why I had been so remiss in getting out and seeing said friends. Last night was no exception to this.

I have a love for live music. The love is double that if it’s either friends or family up on the stage. With that, I have a list of local bands I am going to see this year and last night, I went to go see Shady Day in Gig Harbor. It was so very nice to watch and listen and just be in that moment and not have sixteen or so other things rushing in my head.

I’m gonna have to, no need to, do that more often.

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